Gilbass for Hotels

Sound solutions for hotels that enable the diffusion of immersive ambient music throughout all areas of the hotel while remaining invisible.

Common Areas

Our vibration speakers are installed in the plasterboard ceilings of restaurants, bars, lobbies, gym, corridors,… With the 100V line system, a line connects all the speakers for a defined area and is connected to the 100V amplifier.
To be noted that as our solution helps for sound masking, particularly the intrusive noises between corridors and rooms will be reduced.
This is a comfort of sound which can be promoted by hotels to their clients.

100 Volts line installation drawing


Gilbass has developed and offers a sound solution that transforms and enhances sound quality in hotel rooms. The headboard becomes the speaker, diffusing high-quality, immersive, soothing, and relaxing sound throughout the room, whether it’s the television’s sound or music from a smartphone.
How it works:
– A sound transducer and a Bluetooth amplifier with an audio jack are installed in the headboard. An audio receiver is connected to this audio jack.
– An audio transmitter is connected to the television, which wirelessly communicates with the audio receiver connected to the amplifier.
– When the television is on, the headboard will play the television sound. If the guest wants to listen to their music, they turn off the television, and the Bluetooth connection will automatically switch to their phone.
– To prevent Bluetooth interference between rooms, each amplifier can be assigned a specific room number.
The benefits are numerous:
– Improved sound quality.
– Guest-friendly room system.
– Invisibility, reducing theft and damage.
– Easy and quick installation. No wiring between the television and the headboard.
– Cost-effective solution.”

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